Blue Key

Blue Key

Whenever I am surfing the internet for sign language video's, such as SignStation , I'm getting lots of messages against a flashing blue background, called blue key.

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Video: Recognition of Flemish Sign Language

Helga Stevens

26 april 2006 has been a very special day for Deaf Flanders. Flemish Sign Language has been recognized by law on this date. SignFuse was there and created a video documentary.

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Video: 50 Years of Finnish Deaf Culture Days

Culture Days

The Finnish Deaf people had something to celebrate.
Exactly 50 years ago, the Culture Days were established. It has been a very popular event up to date.
3 days filled with Deaf culture, performed by Deaf people, in a rally to win the first prize.

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Video: The Power of Media for the Deaf

Video Still

This coverage has been the very first product I made for SignFuse. This video is a research on what Media and New Media means for sign language users.

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