Facebook is some years old now, but is definately the biggest new thing in recent years. Facebook is used by many deaf people who like to keep in touch. Because people can share movies on Facebook, a lot of messages in sign language can be shared.

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Deaf power on the internet

Deaf people who live today are lucky to have the internet. In some way, one could say, today is the next golden time frame for deaf people, after the era of mute movies, where Charlie Chaplin and his deaf friends were the ruling empire of body language and mimicry.

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Blue Key

Blue Key

Whenever I am surfing the internet for sign language video's, such as SignStation , I'm getting lots of messages against a flashing blue background, called blue key.

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Open Doors

Open Doors

31th of January, the ACCU team will present their new DVD, "Open Doors", which covers accessibility in musea.

Signfuse has provided access to the DVD for sign language users.
A part of the DVD, the introduction, which is about 7 minutes long, is translated into international sign by Sven Noben. The translation didnt happen to be litterally because of the nature of international sign.

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Win $100 by Vlogging for DeafRead

Win $100 by Vlogging for DeafRead

DeafRead does a great job by supporting the growth of Deaf Vlogs. It proves this by awarding the best Vlog about DeafRead by 100$.

Update: This contest has been won by Jon Savage - Congratz!

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Sign Language Spam [-?!-]

Inbox shot

Geez, the last few months my inbox gets loads of annoying, poorly inspired letters. "You have to read", "You require to read", "You must to read", "You should to read". [...] »

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EU regulations to forbid Deaf Vlogs?

YouTube forbidden?

Along the Times Online (thanks Christian), the European Commision is making a broadcasting proposal that would require video blogs (vlogs) to turn down. Read more »

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Avatar or ... Sign Language Interpreter?


picture by Keian_hk

Avatars appoint game characters, wouldn't it be more correct in the following situation to use this term for interpreters? It could be rude still to call them humans... Read more »

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New Website: Via Interpreting Office

Website Via

Screenshot of VIA website (source)

VIA has come with a revolutionary new website for Finnish Sign Language users.
We benchmarked it and used our hammer on this diamond, but it seemed almost rock-solid. Almost... Read more »

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International Manual Alphabet ??

manual alphabet

"International ABC" ?? (source)

I have been asked to design a card for an international manual alphabet.

But, wait... Is there anything like an International manual alphabet?? Read more »

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